Specializing in Probate Investigations

3C Options possesses a unique combination of traditional investigative techniques with detailed genealogical research to find owners, heirs and missing family members.

Will Probate

Will Probate Unlike traditional genealogy which traces family lines into the distant past, we find living relatives who often have lost touch with their family and in a large number of cases have no idea of their family link. Beneficiaries typically may have moved to other states, even to other countries so finding heirs to some estates is both time consuming and costly. Choose how you`d like us to work with you: On an hourly basis.

Indoor events baltimore maryland

At Event Tech, we understand the unique nuances and demands that come with orchestrating indoor events in Baltimore, Maryland. Having served this vibrant community since 1984, we're more than just a provider; we're partners committed to elevating each event to its pinnacle of success. Whether it's a corporate conference, a landmark celebration, or any gathering within the heart of Charm City, our seasoned professionals employ the latest in audiovisual technology and meticulous planning to ensure every aspect resonates with your vision. Our dedication to safety, reliability, and innovation is evident in our approach to create immersive environments that captivate and engage attendees. Trust us to expertly handle the complexities of your indoor event, delivering an experience that echoes with professionalism and leaves a lasting impression.

Maryland Garnishment

There are not many financial situations as frustrating as Maryland garnishment. No, we're not talking about parsley on a dinner plate. If you owe the IRS money and you don't pay it, they can take the money out of our paycheck by a legal process called garnishment. Call and tell us your story. Holmquist & Dickerson

Dui Lawyer Toronto

Don't make the mistake of hiring just any DUI lawyer in Toronto to represent your case in court- you'll need a top-rated attorney who can offer a strong defense against the charges against you. Speak with Arvin Ross DUI Defense Lawyer over the phone if you need help choosing the right legal team. Arvin Ross - Barrister & Solicitor

Colorado Disability Benefits

National Disability Benefits, All Right Reserved
You've been turned down for Colorado disability benefits, even after your doctor told you not to work due to a disability- what now? You may need to speak with a lawyer who can make sure your application for disability benefits get into the right hands. Call National Disability Benefits to get the process started.

Business Lawyer Minneapolis

Businesses are not excepted absolutely free of legal charges. There are several areas that require legal guidance in the setting up of your business to the implementation of projects, filing the revenue receipts, insurance registration and seeking legal approvals. Berman Law services connect you to the experienced business lawyers in Minneapolis to help you protect or defend your business. They can assist you with valuable guidance and help through the legal landscape. Bermanlawservices.com

Construction Litigation Attorney Colorado

At SJJ Law Firm, we recognize the complexities and challenges that come with construction projects in Colorado. As seasoned construction litigation attorneys, we stand firmly beside our clients, providing robust legal guidance through disputes related to contracts, negligence, and construction defects. Our expertise extends to representing clients in both commercial and residential construction matters. With a deep understanding of Colorado construction law, we navigate the intricate legal landscape to protect our clients' interests, whether they are property owners, contractors, or construction companies. Our commitment to excellence and dedicated approach ensure that we pursue every avenue to secure a favorable resolution, underscored by our mission to uphold the highest standards of the legal profession and deliver unparalleled representation in the field of construction litigation. Sjjlawfirm.com

Stamp Duty Refund

Tens of thousands of Britons may have overpaid their stamp duty, as the government's online calculator has been inaccurate and solicitors are unaware of exemptions. Anyone who buys land or a property in England and Northern Ireland is required to pay the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT). Because there have been many changes to the rules on SDLT over the last few years (and changes to those exemptions) we estimated that this oversight would affect tens of thousand of people. Cloud9claims.co.uk

High Risk Merchant Accounts

The Premier provider of High Risk merchant accounts is DigiPay Solutions. A world class customer support team and underwriting team makes us stand out above the rest. DigiPay knows how to navigate the high risk payment processing space and has developed exclusive partnerships that allow for our qualified nutraceutical merchants to process up to $1,000,000 a month.

Merchant Account Abilene Tx

If you need a merchant account in Abilene, TX but are unsure where to turn, Merchant Card Solutions may be able to help. Get set up to take credit card payments and grow your business exponentially with the help of MCS. You can even purchase or rent card processing equipment through MCS for less than you would elsewhere.