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Family Portraits Spokane

Family Portraits Spokane

There are so many portrait photographers in the Spokane Market that it can be a daunting task to pick the perfect photographer for your Family Portraits.

There are so many questions you should ask your photographer prior to setting up your session. Some of the most important family memories will be entrusted to this professional.

To start off with you should see if the photographer offers an in-person consultation. This is probably one of the most important steps in setting up a great photo session. You need to know all about the photographer, like what the facilities look like, how will your family be pampered, what kind of equipment is used.

Avoid the photographer that wants to only meet you at a coffee shop or at the site of a potential shoot. If they don't have a facility to hold your session it is likely that they are not a professional photographer.

Common mistakes to Avoid when Shooting Family Portraits

A while back, portrait photography was subjected to all kinds of rules to avoid film wastage, and while many of them are no longer that important, there are still a few worth considering to avoid unflattering images. Working with a professional family portraits photographer in Spokane is a good way to minimize errors that could make you uncomfortable during the shoot, resulting in awkward images.

Kelly Tareski Photography has noticed several common mistakes that families make during their portrait photography sessions:

Mistake #1: Waking the baby
Many parents with newborns only get to rest when their baby is asleep. Babies are adorable, but they can also be very troublesome when awake. So, if you really want your baby to be awake in the photos, schedule your shoots carefully. Good baby shots often require the infant to be well rested, recently fed, freshly changed, and winded. But if your baby is asleep, don’t wake him/her up. Sleeping baby shots are also very cute.

Mistake #2: Expecting the children to pose
It won’t make a nice photo if you ask your whole family to stand and the children are too short. There are two ways to get around this problem; you can ask the parents to hold their children when standing up, or get the parents to sit holding the children on their laps.

Mistake #3: Not coupling properly
Some families like to stagger family members, but even then, it is important that you keep them clamped, so anyone can easily tell who is a family, who’s single, and who are siblings. The biggest mistake in this regard is coupling grown siblings in such a way that they look like a couple. Couples should be touching, while siblings should be positioned on both sides of the parents, angling away from each other to show independence.

Mistake #4: Blinking
It is very common to find someone with their eyes closed when everyone else looks their best. This usually happens when it takes too long to capture the shot. One way to overcome this is by getting everyone to close their eyes and then asking them to open them all at once, or taking multiple photos of the same pose, and choosing the best.

Whether you’re getting your family portraits in Spokane taken by a professional, or shooting on your own, you should try to avoid these mistakes to increase your chances of getting the perfect picture.

Family Portraits Spokane
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Family Portraits Spokane
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