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Cremation Louisville Ky

Cremation Louisville Ky

There are multiple benefits of selecting cremation in Louisville, KY from Evans Monuments. Top on the list remains cost savings that come from eliminating the need to purchase a casket, cemetery plot, and all of the essentials that come with a traditional burial. Whether you’re managing a tight budget or are just looking for a greener alternative to a funeral, you may just find that cremation meets your needs.

Cremation is Less Time Sensitive

If you have family and friends traveling from other cities or states to attend the memorial service, cremation can allow you to schedule as far out as need be. Unlike a viewing and funeral where time is of the essence, cremation can take place before or after the service. We can make all of the cremation arrangements and have your loved one’s ashes available for the memorial service with a tasteful urn as the centerpiece of your service.

Personal Mementos

The fact is, more families are looking at cremation as an alternative to a funeral. Reasons for new interest vary, but one thing we hear more often than any other reason is that individual family members and friends wish to have a keepsake memento, such as cremation jewelry or a dresser-top keepsake with some of their loved one’s ashes inside. Personal remembrances like these require very little ash to fill, leaving ample remains for scattering or placement in a family plot.

Why Choose Us For Cremation in Louisville, KY?

As a family-owned and operated business, Evans Monuments is committed to providing exceptional service that is compassionate and thorough. We are available to your family from the moment we receive the initial communication that you are in need of a cremation service. You can learn more about us and the cremation services we provide by exploring our website resources or by scheduling a meeting with our staff. We look forward to the opportunity to answer your questions and help you arrange a memorable celebration of your loved one’s life.

Why Cremation is Becoming More Acceptable

Traditional funerals have always met the specifications required by religious institutions and churches; however, cremation is a subject few churches have been willing to consider until recent years. Church leaders questioned whether cremation was the right choice, considering God’s plan to glorify the body after the resurrection.

One famous Christian speaker put it this way: “Can God, who created each of us in His likeness, not recreate the DNA of the human body after creation for the purpose of glorification?” This single statement changed the way churches across the globe viewed cremation, holding to the belief that God could, of course, do all things.

Call Evans Monuments

If you’re considering the advantages of cremation in Louisville, KY and would like to discuss services with our staff, feel free to give us a call at Evans Monuments. You’ll also find a wealth of resources available on our website under the ‘Cremation & Funeral Plans’ heading.

Cremation Louisville Ky
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Cremation Louisville Ky
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